About Us

Art on Piper gallery is a not-for-profit art collective in Kyneton, featuring the creative artworks of 24 local artists (Sunbury through to Bendigo). 

Based in the centre of the touristy art hub of Piper Street, visitors enjoy the gallery amid award winning restaurants, picturesque parks and historical architecture. Most importantly, it’s a memorable destination experience, a pleasant hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Art gallery In Kyneton in a 1964 building

The warmly inviting building was constructed in 1864 in the Central Victorian gold rush era. 

Subsequently, a concrete threshold is still evident in the bluestone footpath, dating from the time a carriage museum was the resident business in the 1870s.

Past use of the gallery space as a carriage museum

Furthermore, a transom in the right-hand wall inside, defines where a doorway used to be. It provided access to the rear workshop of the two-storey building next door.

Drawing of a colapsed brick kiln on the outskirts of Kyneton in Victoria

One of our artists, Elizabeth Darling, knows all about the handmade bricks. She lives on the property, on the outskirts of town, where they were originally made. She enjoyed illustrating the three door kiln in its dilapadated state (the roof has caved in). A place where her family had many picnics.

We have Flemish and English Bond laying styles in the walls. And a sandblasted treatment during the 1990’s renovations removed their secure surfaces. The intention was to clean up the added white plaster, thus making history visible. Art on Piper has erected floating walls, which form a perfect backdrop for the artworks, and don’t compromise the beautiful bricks behind.


The gallery consists of a dynamic group of members showcasing a diverse range of creations.  From lifetime art and design professionals to mid-career and emerging artists.  Some have been teachers, and now retired, can focus on their own explorations.

While on duty on a monthly basis, each artist is usually working in their medium.  They are happy to chat about how they create their works.  You can even discuss customising a commission.  To achieve a specific size or composition with significant details, you only have to ask.

Artists change their display contents when on duty, as new works are finished, or for a seasonal feel. So regular visitors find surprises each time they visit.  Artists contribute to the themed front window displays.  Also the Macedon Ranges themed area, a central circular themed display, as well as the Exhibition Room on occasion.

We currently have space for a few more artists to expand our offerings. Importantly, we prefer a broad experience for our visitors. For instance, jewellery and photography are at the desired capacity for the gallery at this time. Further info is on our Membership page and please contact us if you’d like to know more.


A guest exhibitor who rented the room for her paintings for a month

The Exhibition Room is an intimate zone for visitors to explore the motivations of artists in addition to our regular members. Above all, it has a different atmosphere to the rest of the building. A private space for visitors to explore the story telling of a skilful creator.

The area is a comfortable size for first-time exhibitors. And many artists have learned from their ‘toe in the water’ exhibition.  You can see how they interpreted the zone here.

The Art on Piper gallery is open 7 days per week from 10am-4pm, from October through April. Closed on Tuesdays May through September.

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