Guest Artists

Art on Piper has a lovely light filled room available for a guest artist booking on a monthly basis.

Please contact Art on Piper or visit the gallery to take a look at the site and discuss the options.

October: Tim Murphy: Painter

In my paintings I strive to represent the often enigmatic nuances of direct visual perception, particularly the portrayal of subtleties hidden from the camera lens.  For me, painting is almost a daily ritual which usually takes place in the corner of the kitchen of my small inner-city flat, the constraints of which tend to dictate the size and subject of my work.  It’s lucky I’m consistently amused by small things.

2013 – present   Victorian Artists’ Society Member

2014                  Highly commended, Student and Teacher Exhibtiion, Victorian Artists’ Society

2015                  Exhibition, Tonal Realist Oil Paintings, St Pauls Church Hall, Kyneton

2015                  Highly commended, Student and Teacher Exhibtiion, Victorian Artists’ Society

2016                  Plein air workshop with Julian Merrow-Smith, Provence

2016                  Exhibtion, A Muse on Small Things, Members Room, Victorian Artists’ Society

2016                  Exhibitor, Mavis Little Artist of the Year, Victorian Artists’ Society

2017                  Judge, Kyneton Art Group Art Show

2017                  Exhibition, Shedding Light on Small Things, Shearing shed at Rosebery Hill

2018                  Highly commended, Autumn Exhibition, Victorian Artists’ Society

2018                  Exhibition, Bigger and Better Small Things, Shearing shed at Rosebery Hill



5 September to 12 November  Hat’itude

Style is all about the hat! Beautiful bespoke hats from several different milliners.

Custom fit and personalised service from the maker in attendance on all days Art on Piper is open. (Only closed Tuesdays)

13 June – 10 August: Chris Rowe: Mixed Media

Chris’ work explores people, the way we are, our relationships with our environments and our many layers of history.

Chris’ artistic expression is informed by her life’s experiences, taking the personal to the universal. The interaction of people with each other and their environment is the constant thread that weaves throughout her work. Her people are schematic, reflective, contemplative, layered and transparent, of different times and perspectives often blending into their surrounds.

For more detailed information:

8 May – 12 June

Chieko Hesker: Growing up in Japan, Chieko fondly remembers her fascination and enthusiasm for origami beginning around 6 years old, when her father taught her to fold a paper crane. Whilst the origami pieces are based on tradition, she is influenced by the desire to combine both Eastern and Western design aesthetics.

8 March – 8 May 2018

Garth Henderson: Garth produces amazing artworks called [constructive_botanics] [algorithmic_flora]

His works are sculpted within a virtual 3D modelling environment and presented in a contemporary print form, in limited editions.