Gayle Fidler

Jewellery and Fluid Pour Artist

Silver Jewellery, Fluid Pour Canvases, Coasters, Charcuterie Boards, Clock

Gayle 0467 807 031 May 2024

Gayle has had no formal training in her creative pursuits other than jewellery, and is self taught through trial and error.   She loves to create and has great fun turning materials into objects d’art.

Being interested in various art forms, Gayle has actively painted in her earlier years, created leather work belts, handbags and wallets, enjoyed the textural appeal of macrame and also dabbled in kumihimo braiding, as well as papier mâché producing mainly animal forms. 

About twenty years ago, Gayle undertook lessons in jewellery making, manufacturing pieces that were a bit out of the ordinary, with ideas sparked from her imagination. 

Over the last three years fluid art has been her steady passion.  And not being as easy as it may look, it took awhile to ‘get the hang’ of it. The resulting joyful experimentation combines relaxion and fun with pleasing aesthetic artworks.