Elizabeth Harvey

Textile, Jewellery Artist  

Handspun Yarns, Beanies, Knitted Garments, Embellished Scarves, Crocheted Garments, Metal Jewellery

Elizabeth 0408 506 283 May 2024

Textile artist, Elizabeth Harvey loves working with beautiful natural fibres, hand spinning them into unique yarns to fabricate handspun or commercial yarn using knit, crochet or weaving techniques into functional garments and accessories. She uses wool, alpaca and silk for this purpose, in natural colours or hand dyed by skilled artisans.

Elizabeth plans the end use of the handspun yarn and then spins it accordingly for a particular purpose and texture. Each piece is unique, and often adorned with an antique button or two.

Wearable art extends to woven metal pendants, each with a special blow-torched patina colouration which increases the interest as a base for further embellishments.

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