Art on Piper Membership Information and Forms

Art on Piper membership is valued for many different reasons. Mostly for the growth in an artist’s career.

A few display spaces are currently available. They are on both the lower floor and upper floor levels.

However, we wish to avoid repetition for visitors. Therefore, some artworks are at the desired capacity, currently jewellery and photography.

Most importantly, membership applies to local artists. Firstly, so we can support creatives who live in the area. Secondly, we offer a different collection to other nearby galleries. And thirdly, members on duty know each other and surrounding tourism highlights of the town.

Our members do one day duty per month and two the second month, for a minimum of three months and they can choose their roster days. The day can be used as ‘studio time’ as artists can create while tending the sales desk. Visitors ask about works-in-progress. And getting their ‘eye in’, they often go back to the artist’s display zone with added understanding. Sales tend to increase as a result. Especially in regards to gifting. ‘Meeting the maker’ provides the buyer with a ‘back story’.

Each artist is featured on rotation in our daily Facebook and Instagram posts. This is an additional opportunity for sales enquiries.

The artists gather for special occasions; like openings, birthday celebrations and festival events.

Art on Piper Membership INFO and FORMS

The current floor plan below lists available spaces and prices pcm –


Artists who would like to have a one month exhibition, for various reasons, can rent the Exhibition Room. No duty is required, and an opening, or sitting on site to chat to visitors can be arranged.