Sue Dilley

Textile and Fibre Artist

Natural Fibre Works, Baskets, Sculptures, Framed Eco Prints, Eco Printed Cards and Journals, Mono Prints, Recycled Materials, Manmade Fibre Art, Woven Grasses, Mixed Media Textiles, Vases, Coasters

Sue 0488 983 555 July 2024

Sue’s fibre work utilises basketry techniques, recycling the detritus of man and nature, giving it the opportunity to shine, in both functional and sculptural forms.

Heavily influenced by nature and the photographs she takes, Sue works intuitively with the plant fibres, maybe starting out with a plan, but responding to the will of the material, so that in the end, every piece of work is individual.

The use of functional, man made materials in an artistic form gives them a whole new life and appreciation.

Found objects feature in Sue’s work, as well as a lot of recycled fabrics in the one-of-a-kind textile pieces, which often include hand stitched or free-machine embroidery.

Based in Gisborne, Sue is a member of the Basketmakers of Victoria (President 2012-2016), Western Fibre Artists and the Castlemaine Embroiderers Guild.

Sue can be contacted on 0488 983 555 or

Sue Dilley