Caroline Smyrk

Painter, Printmaker

Oil and Watercolour Painting, Intaglio and Relief Printmaking, Charcoal Drawing

Caroline 0419 582 639 June 2024

A contemporary visual artist living in the Macedon Ranges, Caroline works in a range of media including, oils, watercolour, charcoal and printmaking.

Caroline’s work is observational, whether her subject is a landscape, a person or a still life. Her intention is to capture a moment that tells a story or to capture the soul of the subject. Her main focus is to work out a narrative or an idea she wants to portray, the composition of a painting or drawing is very important to her.

As a tonalist, Caroline’s work in oil has a subdued, emotive resonance, using a limited colour palette. She enjoys experimenting with printmaking, different techniques, tools and papers, using her own press to print her etchings, reduction lino cuts and waterless lithographs.

Caroline draws inspiration from the local landscape, people in her life and the natural environment. She loves drawing and painting places, memories, visions and the simple beauty of the view in front of her eyes.

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Caroline Smyrk