Brian Falkenberg

Wood Turner

Bowls, Jewellery Containers, Candlesticks, Platters, Vases, Ornaments, Shawl Pins

Brian 0447 148 148 May 2024

Wood turner, Brian Falkenberg has always loved wood as a natural element, especially that which exhibits unusual and highly figurative properties, which can be utilised in many varied shapes and forms, both of practical and ornamental use.

Native timbers are his favourites from the ubiquitous River Red Gum to the renowned Tasmanian Huon Pine. He enjoys using a solution of rusty nails and vinegar to ebonise some aspects of his articles, along with various texturing forms and pattern markings.

Brian’s lidded containers epitomize the fine detailed work of both hollowed vessels and accentuated finials.  The smooth flowing shapes and delicate lids are the hallmark of Brian’s craftsmanship.  In more recent times, larger platters, bowls, vases and off-centre pieces have been crafted.

In 2018, Brian exhibited several wood articles in various categories in the Australian Woodturning Exhibition in Melbourne, with over 400 exhibits.  He was placed first, second and third in several sections, receiving an award for the Best Acacia, a figured vase made from Victorian Blackwood.

He is a member of the International Wood Collectors Society, has a fully equipped workshop and is available for tuition.