Peter Ryan


Nature Photography, Framed Travel Scenes, Photographs Printed onto Glass

Peter 0409 444 321 June 2024

When in his mid-thirties Peter decided to learn something new every year. How a camera worked was one project. Since then he has read extensively and experimented. He loves to read second hand books from film photographers – they only had paper prints as their medium of expression and Peter loves the print form with tonal balance in the print paramount.

Peter delights in the way light washes over the land and shooting in natural light is what his photography is all about.

Peter is able to capture the essence of the place he visits rather than just snap of the whole scene. In this way the viewer can feel some connection with what he experiences.

Printing his work involves a range of processes: he prints his own work up to A3+ size; a printer in Melbourne does his larger prints and glass prints. Printing on glass provides a luminance and depth not possible on paper.

Peter Ryan