Susan Guthrie

Resin and Macrame Artist

Fluid Pour, Abstract Painting, Matted Originals, Cards, Earrings, Tie Pins, Fibre Wall hangings, Textural Canvases, Mini Canvases, Plant Pots

Susan 0419 334 769 September 2022

Susan has been creating art in one form or another for most of her adult life. A self-taught artist, Susan’s current passion is for abstract art. Having recently turned to acrylic paints, alcohol inks and resin, Susan’s paintings are created intuitively without a plan except for basic colours. Susan’s love of bright, vibrant colour shines through in her art works on canvas, card and layered surfaces.

Art to wear includes drop earrings and cuff links in energetic tones, with a similar appearance to the fluid process featured in decor items like mini canvases.

Framed art can be organically based subtle tones or more high-impact abstracts that demand attention.  And frameable smaller versions will delight as keepsake or gifting cards.

A recent exploration into macrame has resulted in wall hangings in various colours and patterns.