Exhibition Room

The Art on Piper Exhibition Room is an intimate light filled space on the upper floor.  In this zone, visitors can spend time in deeper exploration.  You can study an artist’s body of work.  Discover their motivations.  Assess the reasons for presenting their content.  All during a private viewing.

Occasionally the space is filled with member works on a theme when artworks in many styles are available.

The current exhibition is textiles by Betty Gibney

Primarily, the Exhibition Room is a space to feature artists from further afield than the local area.  On the other hand, it is also an excellent start-out opportunity. 

For example, art students have presented their investigated series. 

Metro professionals have tested the regional waters. 

Hobbyists have sought public feedback on selling their art. 

In the same vein, retirees have the booked the room in advance to give themselves time to prepare work for a planned show.  

The Art on Piper Exhibition Room is available for a month or two month period. 

Bookings for 2025 are welcome.


Many creative people have enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit in the Art on Piper Exhibition Room.

For instance, some brave people have experimented with a first time delivery, and therefore used the learnings as a stepping stone to achieve future goals after that.

Likewise, art students have sought to clarify evidence as part of their studies. As a result, the visitor comment books were a very important resource.

Similarly, experienced professionals have tested the local and tourist reaction in this region, to ascertain if there is a potential income source.

Retirees have fulfilled a life long ambition to sell their works, instead of treating them as family gifts. With time to put together an impactful and cohesive display, they have enjoyed the resulting art show experience.

Above all, any reason is worth having a discussion about. And most importantly, we recommend a personal visit to check the atmosphere for yourself.

The Past Guest Artists page features previous exhibitors and some member themed collections.

Art on Piper Exhibition Room past exhibitors

We are taking bookings for 2025

Please contact Art on Piper or visit the gallery to view the room and discuss options.