Kathryn Portelli

Mosaic Artist

Mosaic artist, Kathryn Portelli is best known for the Black Saturday Mural in Kyneton.  She has created projects in the local schools, kinder, R M Begg Aged Care and the Kyneton Bushland Resort.
A two metre high steel and mosaic sculpture of local granite, called Angel, stands in Kyneton’s River walk Park near the Piper St bridge.

Kathryn sells a wide range of mosaic items.  Jewellery, murals, sculptures, cards and more fill her gallery display.  It includes hand-made kiln fired and water tumbled glass, bonfire melted glass and painted ceramics.  Together with materials from around the world, she combines different pieces into unique artworks.

Printed leggings of various styles and sizes are paired with a matching mosaic pendant.  They are packaged in smart gift boxes, in other words, an appealing wearable-art opportunity.

“I enjoy the gallery venue in Kyneton where I can offer smaller artworks to visitors.  In addition to the larger community art projects I have been involved in, with longer time frames, the little pieces are a quicker thrill to create.

Chisholm Institute in Melbourne provided formal training in ceramic art and lead lighting in the 1980’s, with a major in flat glass.  This inspired a love of strong colour.

Boston USA excited me when I worked at two studios for three years making stained glass for shops, churches and private homes.

Moving to Pipers Creek in 1989 lead to trying new mosaic styles.  Also retail sales, public and private requests, workshops, exhibitions and awards.

As the former Vic Rep of MAANZ, I exhibited in annual shows, taught workshops and planned four walks of Melbourne’s CBD mosaic sites.”

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