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November: John O’Loughlin

‘My work begins with questions that review my beliefs in the Catholic theology learnt in my youth. My focus has been to think about the way that the saints have been venerated throughout history, about miracles, ‘life after death’, and the way that God interacts with creation.

I consider the fine line between faith and superstition, and where we should place the responsibility for the existence of, and propensity for bizzare and superstitious practices that exist in the guise of the practice of Faith and devotion.’

The ‘Reliquaries’ and religious vessels prompt the viewer to reflect on the use to which these vessels are put and the reality behind the ideas that this use expresses. Does God intervene directly into human life through miracles?

These questions are asked in different series of works: The Church & Faith series, Festive Float series, Australian Saints series, and Religious Vessels series, some of which show the influence of Islamic vessels.

December: Aimee Timpson