Michelle Thompson

DSC_0468_300x300_acf_cropped-150x150  Photography and Mixed Media

Drought, fires and floods are becoming more and more frequent and there is much political discussion that whether the cause is due to climate change or not. And, if, climate change has been caused by humanity’s impact on the environment. Michelle is interested in exploring humanity’s impact in terms of Anthropocene, particularly on the local environment and food security for the community.
According to the Smithsonian, is the period of time that humanity has been impacted the
environment leading to mass extinction of flora and fauna because of pollution. 1 Globally, if we are in the Anthropocene, how does that impact the local environment? Michelle’s work investigates the local environment and its climatic change. The work is constructed using traditional and non traditional techniques to recreate the environment. Non traditional mediums such as children’s toys or household by products represent humanity’s contribution to the environment and are combined in constructed landscapes that are then represented in photography or paintings.