Marion Williams

Photographer and  Artist

The nature of my art and photographic work has changed significantly over the years, reflecting various stages in my life and place in the world. After tertiary study in sociology, communications, media and photography in Melbourne and a stint as a photographer’s assistant in London, I started my own photographic business in East St. Kilda, Melbourne in the 1990s.  I focussed on weddings and urban landscapes of Melbourne, bringing a youthful naïve optimism to my work. Concurrently I did short courses in acrylic and watercolour painting.

After moving to Fryerstown, Central Victoria nearly ten years ago I have captured, and been captured by the stunning yet scarred natural environment of the Goldfields region as well as the quirky creatures we share life with; aiming to hold the fleeting beauty of seasonal change and sublime atmospheric phenomena as it transforms the harsh and damaged terrain, creating something greater than the sum of the parts.  I am being increasingly drawn to oil painting which references my photographs of the region in a naturalist style with a romantic twist.

I have exhibited and sold my art and photography in various group and solo exhibitions in the Mt. Alexander Shire and beyond, and developed a range of photographic cards of the region which are sold locally.

Whether it be in the built, natural or human world, with the lens or the paintbrush, I find myself looking for, and attempting to re-create the beautiful in the otherwise plain, the extraordinary in the mundane and the majesty in the damaged or overlooked.