Marianne Bradman

Ceramic and Glass Artist

Hangings, Plates, Jewellery, Buttons, Bookmarks, Cards

Marianne 0408 351 137 May 2024

With a recent move to Malmsbury, Marianne’s studio now focusses on hand-built ceramics and fused glass firings, using two separate kilns.

Marianne creates uniquely textural and vibrantly coloured décor and wearable art, in the form of plates, bowls, buttons and earrings which are hand moulded to shape, coated with coloured underglaze paints, then glaze. Some pieces feature decalled transfers or coloured clays for special effects. 

Functional and decorative glass objects involve tack fusing of finely cut pieces, followed by slump firings to create a useful shape. 

A combination of years of experience, multiple masterclass workshops and joyful trial and error experimentation results in unique one of a kind pieces.

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