Little Wondrous Monkeys

Silversmith – Mark Wigley

Little Wondrous Monkeys presents reversible hand-crafted sterling silver jewellery featuring beautiful gemstones which can be worn with the gemstone ‘peeking’ through the design or flipped over to showcase the stone with a silver frame.

The ‘Rusted’ collection is a mixed metal series using Copper, Brass, German Silver and Iron based upon the pleasing blend of materials found in his own studio building.

A journey to Northern India about five years ago included a pivotal visit to a gem store where the speckled Dalamation Jasper evoked the mental image of a Dalmation dog over the top, and the alluring concept was born.

Mark continued to travel around India with this idea, arriving in Jaipur, an amazing city in the heart of the desert in Rajasthan, where cottage industry is still the norm and all trades; silversmithing, leather-work, stone carving etc are practiced daily. It took four months to find a master silversmith who shared the vision for the jewellery and was happy to teach Mark how to fabricate.  It was then a process of ’sit, watch, do’ for the next three and half years off and on, to learn how to make high quality pieces.  So, Mark hasn’t gone the traditional way of studying at university and getting the piece of paper, he has learnt the old fashioned way by watching and doing.

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