Kirsty Williams

Equine Painter

Born in Horsham in 1967, Kirsty grew up with a passion and fascination for animals. 

Learning to ride at her ‘Auntie Pam’s’ in Hurstbrige at 11 years old on a 27 year old horse called Misty, she cantered up and down a large hill bareback until she could master staying on!

Pam is also an artist (printer and painter) so when Kirsty wasn’t in the saddle, she was learning to draw and paint.

At pony club lessons, she experienced the joy of training horses and further refined her riding skills, which now at 53, is still is a passion, pleasure and continuous fascination.

Kirsty’s large canvases are mainly painted in acrylic and occasionally other mediums such as pencil and charcoal.  She finds this allows a quick, expressive style for her energetic depictions, mostly from memory or from photographs supplied for commissions. 

“I learnt to draw and paint subjects more broadly, but horses where always my dominant subject.  I feel their presence when I paint them and my paintbrush has no limitations. The line and texture of the painting to me is energy. When I paint that energy controls my paintbrush and my passion for the horse comes through.  I hope you enjoy seeing my horse portraits as much as I have enjoyed painting them.”


Kirsty 0447 321 804 July 2021