Kaye Taylor-Law

 Glass Artist

Glass artist, Kaye, first became interested in glasswork in the 1980’s,  with the artform quickly becoming a passion. Her techniques initially included headlight and copper foiling,  making windows, lamps and decorative hangers, continuing to do this for many years. After an inspirational trip to Venice in 2008 and seeing the artisans working gave her an appreciation of different techniques in working with glass. On her return home she started experimenting with different techniques of decorating and slumping glass.

Kaye incorporates her hand painted designs and then kiln fires them, sometimes twice now producing framed glass pictures, cheese platters, plates and some jewellery. Viewers should be able to see and appreciate the passion in her work.

All the money  raised from the sale of Kaye’s work goes to the 4 Winds Cambodia Project,  an Independent Rural Development Program.

As she believes “Together we can make a difference in the life of the poor”