Fiona Leeann

Seascape Painter

Fiona is an artist living in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, Victoria.  

In 2018, she decided painting landscape art was her passion, as being in nature has been incredibly healing for her in recent years, and she loves sharing these feelings through her work, especially the trees, skies and beaches of locations visited.  

Fiona loves watching the seasons change and our environment evolve; how the sea changes colour with the sun, how trees change shape over time, grass and leaves change colours throughout the year and how the sky can be dull and lifeless, then bright and spectacular.  Blue and purple are favourites and are the most used paints.

Paintings are created in spare time in the living room, with a blended family of four kids, three dogs and a cat.

The last two years have been challenging, and being in nature and painting has been such a powerful way to let go of stresses and heal.  Fiona hopes others can look at her art and experience the same feelings of calmness and healing being close to nature has gifted to her.   



July 2021