Emily Medbury

Abstract Painter

Acrylics, Expressive Canvases, Sensory Paintings

Emily 0413 864 836 September 2023

As a career writer and filmmaker, it’s rare that Emily can’t find the words to express something.

However, there are some feelings that don’t have the right vocabulary, only the physical senses.

Painting has become a huge therapeutic relief since the diagnosis of Emily’s mental challenges. It is a sensory experience that pours out of her without thought, filter or fear of judgement.

Emily’s use of colours and medium is a direct reflection of her state of mind when she picks up the brush, or more often than not, a brush isn’t even used, because the haptics of paint on her hands and the bumps under her fingertips are what connects Emily to the moment.

“I wish I could say it was planned, or that my composition was intentional and correlated to me wanting the observer to see something, a meaning perhaps… except the only thing I want you to see, is what it makes you feel”.

Although Emily is not a member of the Art on Piper cohort, her works are on display to add a high quality addition to the offerings in the gallery.